Related open data projects

The Open Power System Data platforms aims at providing free and open data of the European power system. A number of projects have similar aims. Some are initiatives by individuals, others are research projects, and still others are driven by associations or companies. All sites below provide data for free, but some restrict use to non-commercial applications. Data projects with a focus outside Europe or outside the power sector are not listed; see Open Energy Modelling Initiative’s list. See data sources for primary sources.
A user-friendly database of all renewable-based power generators in Germany.

Energy Charts
Close-to-real time charts of German power generation and prices, operated by Fraunhofer ISE.
Generate wind and solar profiles from MERRA weather data – globally. Run by Stefan Pfenninger and Iain Staffell.

A wiki-based collection of global power plant data run by Chris Davis (TU Delft).

ENTSO-E Transparency
ENTSO-E’s transparency platform.

EEX Transparency
A data platform for REMIT compliance, covering Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic.

Paul-Frederik Bach
A collection of time series data provided by Paul-Frederik Bach. Covers wind, solar, load, price and cross-border flow time series of 11 countries, some of which date back to 2006.

An open transmission grid topology developed by NextEnergy  (under construction). Derived from OpenStreetMap, published under ODbL.

Open Energy Modelling Initiative
A wiki-based collection of open energy data sources.

Nationale Informationsplattform
An upcoming (2017) official German data platform announced in the power market White Paper (Measure 17), apparently modelled after RTE’s data site.

Commission for Energy Regulation in Ireland
A validated Excel and PLEXOS Database of thermal generator characteristic, hourly wind profiles and hourly demand profiles in Ireland.

A list of energy data links compiled by the International Association for Energy Economics.

The Shift Project Data Portal
A data aggregation platform for energy and climate data with a strong emphasis on visualization.

Tmrow Electricity Map
Live CO2 emissions of the European electricity production.

EU ETS Dashboard
An interactive tool to analyse data from the European Union Emission Trading System.

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