4th Workshop (10 July 2017)

The data platform has now been online for half a year, during which some extensions have been made that we will present during the workshop.

We will welcome speakers from other energy related data projects to share their experience with open data and discuss ways to further extend the Open Power System Data platform in the future.

In order to demonstrate how to get the most out of the data, we will offer hands-on user tutorials on some selected topics in the afternoon. Please let us know through the registration form which tutorial you would be interested in. Please bring your laptops.

As always, workshop and tutorial are free of charge. Please register here.

Download the workshop slides (slides will be available in the morning of the workshop).

A livestream will be available. In order to access:

  • Tick “Als Gast eintreten”
  • Write your name (or something else) in the field “Name”
  • Click “Betreten Sie den Raum”

Using the webstream requires a browser that can handle Adobe Connect / Flash, e.g. Chrome. Other browsers like Firefox may also work if respective plugins are installed. Please note that the chat function is not activated.

Through the livestream, we will broadcast audio and video from the workshop. To see the slides in clear resolution, please download and open them in a separate window on your computer.

Time and venue

Monday, 10 July 2017
10.30 – 16.00
DIW Berlin
Mohrenstraße 58, Berlin, Germany | Map


10.30     Coffee and registration

11.00     Presentation of the Open Power System Data project (OPSD)

  • Introduction
  • IT concept / infrastructure
  • The five Data Packages
    • National generation capacity
    • Conventional power plants
    • Renewable power plants
    • Time series
    • Weather data
  • Contributing to the data platform

12.15     Insights from related open energy data projects

  • SciGrid
  • open_FRED
  • Open Energy Modelling Initiative
  • Power Watch (remotely)
  • Renewables.ninja

13.15     Lunch & Coffee

14.15     Tutorials for OPSD users

  • Step-by-step-guide how to use the platform
  • Working with OPSD data in GAMS
  • Executing and altering OPSD scripts to adapt to own processing
  • Q&A and more details on data packages
    • Generation capacity & conventional power plants
    • Renewable power plants
    • Time series
    • Weather data
  • How to contribute

16.00     Adjourn